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Scott B.

My experience of the Six Week Challenge was very positive. The facility is amazing and a new addition is in the works that will make it top notch. The coaches are all knowledgeable and friendly. Every workout can be "scale-able" to challenge an individual to their best potential. No one is left behind. This program will bring the best out of you, and all while making it fun! As an added bonus you will be meeting some great people! It's as tough of a workout as you can make it and if you push yourself you'll see an amazing change in your body both physically and mentally. 

Ross P.

I'm just completing the Six Week Challenge must say it's been a tough but fun road so far. The staff and trainers at Crossfit Flight are simply outstanding! Everyone there is so extremely supportive that they completely took away my fears and thoughts of, "you can't do this". I highly recommend this gym and I'm very happy to have begun my new crossfit life! Luis S. Crossfit Flight is simply the BEST. I toured a lot of different businesses in Holland, and almost gave up until finding Flight. All the other establishments seemed to lack a certain support system that I felt I needed being new to this sport. Everyone pulled me in, and were genuinely excited to do so! If you are looking for a place that is competitive, supportive, and has a family atmosphere, Crossfit Flight is it! Every class is great, and everyone takes the time to make you better. I look forward to growing in the sport at Crossfit Flight, while at the same time establishing genuine relationships that I think is only possible through the atmosphere that this Box provides! 

Shelley L.

Great workouts that are different everyday. The coaches are awesome and help you whenever you need it. And the people you work out with become a community all striving for the same goals. 

Kyle T. 

I originally came to CrossFit on the recommendation of a friend to "try it for 3 months" after being way too afraid to give it a go. Being the Type A that I am, I did my research on local facilities and liked what I saw at Flight. I'm still here and loving every minute of it! Take it from this 43 year old former couch potato - the coaches and members are fantastic and welcoming. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else! 

Evan S. 

All of the coaches are extremely helpful. I come away from each class with improved skills because of their feedback. Everyone here is super encouraging which makes a huge difference. I'm in the best physical condition of my life. 

Selena K. 

I love Crossfit Flight! I kind of have a ADD personality (I'm sure you'll notice in this review ... Squirrel) so having a new WOD everyday is awesome for me. I love the challenge. Running, although I do it a lot still, is not my favorite. I kind of hate it. I need people to push me, a challenge, and a team! I get all of that here. Oh, and I have kids! (See...squirrel) I can bring my kids, and while they play, I can get my workout done. AND, one of my daughters (9yrs) is in the Crossfit kids class, and she LOVES it! I am by no means in tip top shape. So if I can do it, you can do it too! And, you can do it while making friends... What more could you ask for?!? 

Bob S. 

4+ months in and still love that "So happy I did it, so glad its over" feeling! For all the 50 yo+ people out there thinking about it. Yes, you can do it.

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