Individualized Programming and Personal Training

If you need some extra help in reaching your goals, or just want to gain more knowledge on health and fitness, Individualized Personal Training in Holland is for you. CrossFit Flight coaches are available to train you one-on-one on the floor in the gym. This is a great supplement to your coaching relationship with your coach. It provides you with a hands on avenue to make sure that you are moving properly and making the best progress possible for you.

We want you to meet your goals just as much as you do! Before you know it, you will see the fat melt away while your muscles are more toned and defined. Our coaches are accustomed to working with all ages and fitness levels; so, no matter who you are, we can help!

Individualized Programming and Personal Training

With a state of the art facility, incredible coaches, and a positive atmosphere, failure isn’t an option! Our workouts are backed by science and research, and we are confident you will see results after a month of training with us. You will not only receive amazing results, but the knowledge and confidence to maintain them. Personal Training in Holland will change your life, we’re sure of it!

Check out some of the added benefits you will experience after just a few sessions:

• Improved self-confidence and esteem
• Decrease in daily stressors
• Improved energy throughout the day and better sleep at night
• Improved cardiovascular health and toned muscles
• And so much more!

If you want to get in the best shape of your life, there is no other option than On Site Individually Designed Fitness Coaching. You will be paired with a professional coach who works one-on-one with you on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle factors so that you are able to make progress for the long run! And the best part? You will actually enjoy working out again! No workout is the same; so, forget the long and tedious workouts and come have fun at CrossFit Flight.  On top of an amazing workout you will also receive tons of added benefits and features. Below are just a few:

• You will receive nutritional consultations and ongoing monitoring and support
• Improved self-confidence and esteem
• You will experience true accountability and motivation from our coaches and other like-minded individuals
• Full access to our state of the art facility and equipment



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