on ramp

Prepare for CrossFit Class

Our On Ramp program prepares beginners, fitness enthusiasts and athletes for our CrossFit classes. On Ramp is not required for Boot Camp or Six Week Challenge Classes.



The Fundamentals of CrossFit

In On Ramp, you will learn and review the basic elements and movements used in our CrossFit classes. These are essential for new and existing CrossFitters. This is your one-on-one time to come in and learn CrossFit's nine fundamental movements. This class is structured like our normal classes (ie: 1) warmup, 2) skill work, 3) workout), but there will be more time spent on movements and technique followed by a short WOD, which will incorporate the skills of focus for that day. We help you build your work capacity and get you comfortable with the movements so you are comfortable when you start to attend our CrossFit classes. On Ramp classes are by appointment only.

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