About Us

About Us

After owning and operating a chain of traditional gyms and witnessing members achieve little to no results, my team and I became frustrated. We were frustrated for our members, frustrated with ourselves and frustrated with amount of time, money, and effort we were wasting. We knew there had to be a better way.

We realized the problem with a traditional gym setup is the lack of drive. There is no direction, motivation, or accountability. The traditional gym lacked the foundation for anyone to reach their goals. So we searched. We looked for something that would incorporate the potential of a gym, but with the drive to keep our members going. What we found was CrossFit.

As soon as we found CrossFit, I sold the gyms and launched CrossFit Flight. The result was new member after new member echoing our frustrations with a traditional gym. Even better, with our unique atmosphere and clientele we didn’t just create a workout facility, we created a community.

The CrossFit Flight staff consists of myself and my wife along with CrossFit certified coaches who are proven, professional, and will provide. Our focus is to help each and every athlete reach their goals in a safe and positive manner. We will provide all of our athletes with the tools they need to take Flight in their CrossFit journey.

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John & Raelynn Batdorff, Owners