Six Week Challenge – CrossFit Flight
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Six Week Challenge

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Dates: Tues., April 9th – Thurs., May 16th
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Attend 3 Times a Week:
Classes 1 & 2 → Tuesday & Thursday @ 6am or 6:15pm
Class 3 → Saturday @ 8:30am
Coach Led → Step-by-step we will guide and lead you through your workout
Off Days → You will be given ideas to do on your days off and travel workouts

Setting Goals and Sticking to Them:
Accountability → Coach emails to inform, motivate, and keep you on track
Body Composition Scans → Scans both before and after the six week challenge
Nutrition → You will be given a nutritional plan to follow as well as recipe ideas
Yoga/Mobility → Friday is YOGA @ 5:30am & ROM WOD @ 6:15am

Introductory Class → Nutrition Meeting & In Body Assessment (lasts ~ 1 hour)
Date & Time → Sunday, April 7th @ 1pm

Remember, this isn’t going to be easy. You are in a very safe environment with excellent coaches. If you ever feel unsafe with a weight, don’t do it. You will not be judged one bit. CrossFit is scalable by definition and it is inclusive, not exclusive. In 6-weeks, we want you feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident than when you walked in here. We can’t wait to coach you to your full potential during this 6-weeks!


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